Fun Factory Bimini Flash VibratorMy summer hiatus is over, and even though I have long-overdue new products to review, I’m posting a follow-up for a vibe I reviewed more than 2 years ago and have barely touched since. You may remember when I rearranged my sex toy storage and set aside a small pile of semi-forgotten vibes for future Follow-Up Fridays. Well, I’m finally getting around to them. More »

Ophoria Bliss No. 5 Vibrator
I missed posting a Follow-Up Friday last month, mostly because I got way behind with testing products in my queue and needed to get caught up on pending reviews before revisiting any old toys. Back in January I spent hours going through my entire sex toy collection, and now I have a stack of junk vibes to tear up for future What’s Inside Wednesday posts (if I ever get a working video editor again), as well as a pile of future Follow-Up Friday fodder. This was no minor undertaking, so I felt justified whining about it all on Twitter. More »

Silicone miltifuntion vibrator with contoured shaft.I couldn’t let January get away without posting a Follow-Up Friday, especially since I didn’t do a What’s Inside Wednesday for this month, and I more than likely won’t have one of those ready for a while. More »

Rechargeable vibrator with 5 functions and 7 speedsLELO claims that its new and improved Mona 2 vibrator is more powerful than the original. But since I don’t have an old Mona to compare it to, I decided the next best thing would be to test Mona 2’s vibration strength to that of my Gigi and Siri. So, I had to dust off and charge up my Gigi, a vibe that hadn’t seen much use in the past few months.  More »

Vida Zara G-Spot VibratorMy most recent assigned product review for EdenFantasys was the Bswish Bbold Premium vibrator, whose design and color scheme seemed oddly familiar. After a few days and some digging around in my sex toy storage boxes, I realized it was because Bbold reminded me of the Vida Zara I reviewed a couple of years ago. More »

Topco Handmaiden G-Spot Thrill Silicone DildoReviewing the very bendy Mr. Pink dildo reminded me of that Handmaiden G-Spot Thrill Fascinations sent me ages ago to review. That was when companies were sending me a lot more products to try, and I  posted a couple of reviews a week. Nowadays I usually only manage one a month. More »

Pink discreet silicone massager with removable bullet and push button control.Around a week ago I went through my sex toy collection and did some rearranging. I can be terribly lazy and don’t always put things away properly, so my drawers and storage containers were all out of sorts. I had unidentified charger cables tangled with random vibrators, batteries, user manuals, and lube samples. Plus, numerous empty boxes and other bits of packaging were just taking up valuable space and needed to get recycled. More »

Water based glycerin free lubricant formulated for women.Not long before I started this blog I ordered some Pink Water lube. Knowing that I needed a glycerin-free water based lube, I was a big fan of Slippery Stuff Gel but was having trouble finding it. I had already tried, and liked, Sliquid H2O, but it tended to go sticky on me so I was willing to try something new. More »

Nasstoys Twilite Wand Massager Vibrator ReviewSometimes products exceed my expectations. This was definitely the case with the Twilite Wand massager I received from Nasstoys. It wasn’t something I sought out. A rep from the company offered to let me host a giveaway for one, and as a thank you they sent me my own Twilite Wand to keep. More »

Small egg vibrator in the shape of hummingbird.Babeland originally sent me this sex toy to review, and they called it a Blue Bird Bullet. But according to the packaging and other adult toy stores, it’s actually Sophia’s Fluttering Hummer. Personally, I prefer the name Blue Bird Bullet. More »

Clear pyrex glass dildo with flower pattern for G-spot stimulation.Double-headed stainless steel dildo wand with curved shaft.This isn’t really so much a throwdown as more of a comparison, really. For a while I’ve touted Pipedrem’s Icicles No. 21 as my favorite glass dildo, even though I gave Don Wands’ Bent Graduate the title of best nonvibrating sex toy I reviewed in 2011. More »

Small hands-free rechargeable vibrator made of siliconeI was so excited when I got a We-Vibe II. I had only been reviewing sex toys for a few months, and this one not only was getting quite a bit of publicity at the time, but it was also totally unlike anything I’d seen or tried. More »

Multispeed waterproof g-spot vibrator with a scroll wheel control.Not too long ago I received a generous care package from Evolved Novelties, and the reviews for those products will be posted soon. But while testing them out, I got to thinking about the other Evolved vibrators I’ve reviewed and realized that I hadn’t used those in a long time. Curious to know if I’d still like them as much, I soon found myself distracted by my Croupier, which became an instant favorite the first time I used it, way back in June of 2010. More »

Luv Touch Flexa Pleaser vibrator sex toyI got the Luv Touch Flexa Pleaser ages ago, or so it seems. It was back when I had only been reviewing sex toys for a few months and had pretty limited experience with luxury vibes. At the time, I thought the Flexa Pleaser was the ideal solution to bullets that make your hand numb or are tricky to place in between bodies during intercourse, because it’s a hard plastic bullet vibe on a flexible stick with a nice long handle. It’s also affordably priced and coated in that lovely velvety finish that I totally adore. More »

Let me first apologize for being remiss on my Ono massage candle update. Since the wax didn’t stay liquid for very long, I lost interest in using it as a massage candle. I know I promised to report on how long it lasted regarding burn time, but the sad truth is, I never could get it to burn evenly. More »