Love Machine Robot Romance BookLast month robot erotica author Electra Shepherd introduced us to her Body Electric series in a guest post. I have no qualms about having sex with machinery, and these books intrigued me because I never really thought there was anything particularly sexy about robots. But I guess that all depends on what you use them for.

Love Machine¬†opens with Cally’s frustration at not being able to find a date for the night. Resolved to spending the evening alone, she reaches for her vibrator, only to discover that it’s not working. All she wants to do is get off, and she throws it across the room in anger. But Blue, her personal robot servant, catches it. He then offers to fill in for her vibe, and the story builds from there.

Cally’s father was a wealthy inventor who designed and built house robots for his three children before he died, and they all live together in the family mansion. Her sister Ilsa is the family genius, and she does all the mantenance and programming for the robots. Unknown to Cally, who up until she discovered Blue’s hidden abilities and vibrating fingers took no interest in the robots at all, Ilsa develops a new chat bot program and installs it in Blue. The chat bot works so well that Blue develops a personality. He becomes curious and wants to understand human emotion. He also learns a thing or two about female anatomy and how to please Cally, which he enjoys because he was built to take care of her needs.

Since Blue can satisfy her better than any of her former lovers, Cally stops looking for a hook-up every weekend and spends her time with him instead. They decide to build him a functioning penis so he can experience sexual intercourse, and he collects sensory data while making her come so he can get an idea of what an orgasm is like.

Of course, Cally’s brother and sister soon find out that she’s having sex with her house robot, and that causes a little tension. Then there’s the issue of Blue not being accepted into society like a human boyfriend would be, but romance is rarely easy. I’m glad there’s not too much conflict, though, because when I’m reading smut I don’t like a lot drama. It kinda kills the mood for me.

Man or Machine Robot Romance BookThe second book, Man or Machine, focuses on Cally’s sister Ilsa. Amazed by Blue’s developing personality and capacity for free thought, as well as her sister’s obvious happiness and satisfaction, she decides to build herself a new robot. Ilsa is a genius, but her life experiences have led her to focus on intellect and deny emotions, making her more robot-like. This is in contrast to Blue, whose advanced programming allowed him to develop his desire to feel emotions.

Subconsciously, Ilsa models certain elements of her new sex robot after her ex-boyfriend Hal, a fellow computer whiz who would love to get his hands on the family robot technology. So he can sell it. When Hal sneaks into the family mansion and sees Ilsa testing out her latest invention, things really get interesting. The new robot researched his role by watching a lot of porn, as displayed in his vocabulary and dialogue, which adds a fantastic element of humor. Oh, and he names himself Dallas, which I thought was fitting.

It’s not long before the entire household knows about Dallas, and with help from the other robots Hal is restrained and kept in the house until Ilsa can decide what to do with him. In the meantime, Dallas thinks of a few things to do to him, and while having sex with Hal he collects sensory data and experiences a male orgasm. It’s all done in the name of science, you see. Later on Dallas, with Hal’s help, constructs wireless sensors so that he can collect data from Ilsa and Hal at the same time. Ilsa agrees to the threesome since it will help Dallas further understand orgasms, but in doing so she discovers a few things about herself.

I enjoyed both books immensely even though I’m not really into science fiction. I do love smut, though, and the idea of using robots for sex is something new for me. I’m recommending both titles in the series, but I like the second one best. The sex scenes are hotter, and Dallas is good for more than a few laughs.

There are still two more titles currently in the works for this series, so keep an eye out for them. You can connect with Electra Shepherd via Facebook, Twitter, and on

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