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Mess of Sex Toys in my NightstandOkay, maybe not thousands. But I do have a lot. This creates a storage problem, and since there’s no way I could possibly keep everything, from time to time I have to dispose of some.

The local recycling center takes electronics and stuff like that, and while I do have my shameless moments, I just can’t face handing over a pile of used cheap rabbits and bullet vibes. That’s how I came up with What’s Inside Wednesday.

The idea was to take the vibes apart so they wouldn’t be recognizable for what they once were, and since I’m pretty good at tearing stuff up I figured it would be fun. I also wanted to see how these things are put together, and at the time I knew someone who actually had a use for the small motors I dissected out of those sex toys, which scores double points in the reduce, reuse, recycle game, right?

These pictures are from a sex toy cull I did back in January. I really meant to work them into a blog post ages ago but just never got around to it. I haven’t done a What’s Inside Wednesday in a long time because my laptop is having issues, so I can’t capture or edit the video part. I don’t know when I’ll be able to get it replaced or fixed, so in the meantime I thought I’d show you what’s inside my sex toy storage drawers instead.

What's in the Top Plastic Drawer Non-Vibrating Sex Toys in the Middle Drawer  More Sex Toys and Stuff in the Bottom Drawer

I keep a lot of sex toys in my bedside table drawer, and I also have a set of three plastic storage drawers full of them, as well as a big plastic storage tub and a couple of decorative containers that are filled up with previously-reviewed items. My too-be-discarded-in-one-way-or-another toys are in a large cardboard box out of sight.

Big Storage Tub Full of Sex Toys Sex Toys to Go Away Toys I don't Plan to Keep

But when I started going through them, I realized that some of the toys that were in my bedside table drawer aren’t favorites and didn’t need to be within such easy access, while toys that I loved and wanted to use more often were stashed away, making them hard to find and/or get to. For example, my Mona 2 wasn’t in the nightstand drawer. That had to change.

Plug-in wand massagers, their attachments, and butt toys get to hang out in the top storage drawer, along with my LELO Taini 2, and Mia 2. The middle drawer is for non-vibrating toys. Glass dildos have their own padded storage pouches, anything silicone is in a plastic bag, and my Njoy Fun Wand and Pure Wand live in fabric bags. It didn’t take much time to tidy those up.

But the deeper bottom drawer was a complete mess. It’s where I often stash toys-to-be-reviewed, charger cables I didn’t properly put away, owner’s manuals, lube samples, and general swag. My Icicles No. 17 is in there, taking up more space than necessary in its box, but that’s how I’m storing it until I get a padded pouch to keep it in. That’s the one bummer about those Icicles glass toys, they don’t come with storage bags, and yes, I WILL post a review of it one day, I promise.

Anyway, I ended up spending an entire morning sorting, tidying, and reorganizing my sex toys. This was no small undertaking, but going through all that stuff unearthed a pleasant distraction, as well as a few other things I’d forgotten I had. But I basically had three main objectives:

  1. Get rid of the crap, which means tossing the vibes that can’t be taken apart and setting aside the others for future What’s Inside Wednesday posts. This frees up storage space that allows me to…
  2. Optimize sex toy placement by moving my favorites  to my bedside table drawer and stashing away the ones that I want to keep but rarely actually use.
  3. Organize all the bits and pieces. I get lazy and often leave a toy in one place and its charger cable in another, which leads to frustration when I want to use a vibe but can’t fine the cable to charge it. During this clean-up session I made a point of matching charger cables to toys, labeling them for easy identification later, and charging up any dead toys that were likely to get used soon.

I managed all that, plus I put together a box of new items that I won’t ever use. Like the Icicles No. 14, that’s just WAY too big for me, but thank goodness I’m better at visualizing toy measurements now. I won the swing in a giveaway, but it turns out I don’t have the right kind of door frames. At least, not in any of the rooms where it’s practical to use. There’s also a dolphin vibe in there. That’s the replacement Pipedream sent me, but since it wasn’t a favorite anyway, I never got around to using the new one and can live without it. But don’t worry, all this stuff is going to a good home, I promise.

Toys to give away Leaf Box With HapPenis Hats Leaf Box of Small Clit Vibes

I was also able to consolidate some things and put the larger, sturdier packaging to good use, like the Leaf vibe boxes: one now houses HapPenis Hats, and I crammed some small clit vibes in the other. I’m using the OhMiBod Freestyle box to hold rechargeable toys that I don’t use often, if ever.

OhMiBod Freestyle Box Now Holds Small Rechargeable Vibes Storage Tub Full of Sex Toys and Packaging Toys in the Nightstand Drawer

The Njoy boxes I feel obligated to keep, even though I don’t keep the toys in there, because they’re so pretty, and those WOW vibes from Pipedream can just stay in their boxes at the bottom of the storage tub for now until I decide what to do with them. I was able to stash quite a few vibes away in that storage tub, but I also unearthed some for Follow-Up Friday posts, and these are now lined up on the left side of my nightstand drawer.

I’ve already posted follow-ups for the Ellove and Ophoria Bliss 5, there are still plenty left that need to be played with, like Angelo, Bimini Flash, Aries, and the Papaya Tattoo Strawberry. The other half of that drawer is where I have my beloved favorites, like We-Vibe Touch, Jopen Vanity Vr10, DeLight Click ‘N Charge, and LELO Mona 2, as well as whatever toys I’m currently reviewing.

If you have any sex toy storage tips, please share!


  1. Wow that is a huge collection. I am very glad to hear you say that you are putting stuff aside for more what’s inside wednesday posts. I love those

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