Love Bites Chenille Vampire GlovesNot being active in the BDSM lifestyle, I had no idea that things called “vampire gloves” even existed until Serene Sin contacted me about reviewing her Love Bites gloves. This is what I love about being a sex toy reviewer. Things that I otherwise never would have even heard of or thought to try find their way to me, and whether I end up incorporating them into my sex life or not, at least I get the opportunity to experience something new.

For those who don’t already know, vampire gloves have metal studs or tacks embedded in the underside, along the fingers and sometimes even the palm, for sensory play. Most of them are made from leather, which creates a cleaning challenge, and sizing can be tricky.

Love Bites Vampire Gloves Packaging, Tag, and Care InstructionsLove Bites are cloth vampire gloves, so they’re washable, vegan-friendly, and fit a wider range of hand sizes because the material is more stretchy. They’re also an affordable option at around $25 a pair, because most of the leather vampire gloves I’ve seen are in the $40 to $50 price range. I have fairly small hands, so the pair she sent me are a little big. I can still use them fine, the fingers are just a bit too long, which isn’t a problem.

At first glance, Love Bites look like a regular pair of chenille gloves, but when you turn them over, you see the wee metal spikes over the palm and up the fingers. Turning the gloves inside-out reveals how they’re assembled–basically the tacks are glued to the inside of the gloves. The wearer can definitely feel the metal studs along the inside, but I don’t see any way to get around that.

Love Bites Vampire Gloves Inside OutThe really cool thing about these gloves is the versatility and variety of sensations that you can create with them. Whereas paddles and floggers will produce “thuddy” and “stingy” sensations, vampire gloves are scratchy, similar to fingernails only more pointed and sharper. A light touch with soft, slow strokes will give you goose-bumps-inducing tickles. The more pressure the user applies, the stronger and harsher the scratch.

With careful use, these gloves won’t break the skin or even leave marks, but obviously that’s dependent on the wearer and how heavy-handed they are. They remind me of a Wartenberg pinwheel type of effect, only over a much broader surface area. So, if you’re like me and love having your back scratched, these are just the thing you need, assuming you have a willing partner.

Definitely wash these inside-out and in a laundry bag so the spikes don’t tear up your other clothes, or wash them by hand, and let them air dry because you don’t want loose metal tacks floating around in your dryer, and the heat could degrade the glue holding the studs in place. Since these look like just regular gloves until you turn them over, I have no qualms about leaving them out on my bookcase. This way they’re always within easy reach when I want them. I don’t feel comfortable keeping them in my top drawer with my favorite sex toys because I worry about the metal spikes accidentally bumping up against them.

A big thanks to Serene Sin for sending me a pair of Love Bites Vampire Gloves to review.

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  1. Interesting! I’ve never seen spiked gloves before! Spiked paddles, sure, but never gloves.
    Thanks for the review!

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