Those Girls Erotic EbookNot long after I published my review for Orgasmic: Erotica for Women, Go Deeper Press offered me an ebook copy of Those Girls by Alison Tyler. Being the smut whore that I am, of course I accepted. One can never have too many dirty stories to read, you know.

I’m sure most of you are familiar with Alison Tyler, but for anyone who doesn’t already know, she has written over 20 erotic books and blogs at Trollop With a Laptop. Those Girls is one of her latest offerings, and I’ll just go ahead and tell you right now to get it. It’s a short, steamy read that’s perfect when you have an hour to kill (or get in the mood), and since it’s in ebook format, nobody will know what you’re reading unless you tell them. I really love that about my Kindle.

The story opens in a BDSM club, where an established Dom spies a newbie dressed to look the part of a sub. At first he doesn’t take her too seriously. But on her third visit he catches her texting notes on her phone while watching a spanking scene. It’s then that he recognizes her as a reporter from the local paper. Assuming she’s there to write an exposé piece, he confronts her before punishing the bartender who gave her access to the club.

When the reporter sees the bartender getting spanked for letting her in, she asks the Dom to punish her instead. Which was really too bad for the bartender, because he was actually quite enjoying it. What follows is her initiation into the world of BDSM back at the Dom’s apartment because she isn’t comfortable doing anything in public at the club.

I love this novelette so much I’ve already read it several times. The story is engaging, well-written, and titillating from beginning to end, but what really impresses me is Tyler’s ability to write such concise erotica while still being very descriptive. I can easily picture every scene in my head, but since there’s no wasted words or superfluous information, the story flows swiftly. Which is awesome, because I hate waiting for the good parts.

If you haven’t heard of Go Deeper Press, check out their website where you can view more erotica titles, as well as read the author bios and have a peek at their blog. If you’re a writer, then take a look at their call for submissions page. Oh, and consider signing up for their newsletter because you’ll get a free ebook copy of Sol by Lana Fox if you do.

Thank you to Go Deeper Press!

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  1. Alan and I always did like Alison Tyler’s work. It sounds like this is one that we really need to pick up!

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