Ophoria Bliss No. 5 Vibrator
I missed posting a Follow-Up Friday last month, mostly because I got way behind with testing products in my queue and needed to get caught up on pending reviews before revisiting any old toys. Back in January I spent hours going through my entire sex toy collection, and now I have a stack of junk vibes to tear up for future What’s Inside Wednesday posts (if I ever get a working video editor again), as well as a pile of future Follow-Up Friday fodder. This was no minor undertaking, so I felt justified whining about it all on Twitter.

I reviewed the Ophoria Bliss 5 ages ago. And actually, I believe the proper name for this vibe is Ophoria by Lover’s Choice Bliss No. 5, but that’s just too dang long. It’s essentially a classic-style or “traditional” vibrator, with the typical straight shape and design, only it’s made from silicone instead of hard plastic.

This means the surface has some give and the shaft is a wee bit flexible. You can feel where the battery compartment, motor, and whatever other components that are under the surface end, because about halfway up the shaft is where it starts to bend slightly. But you can also tell by the resistance underneath that it’s really not supposed to be flexed much. Towards the tip there’s more give, and at the very top it’s somewhat squishy.

This vibe is girthy, too, which is good news for those who like broad surfaces for external stimulation and/or feeling nice and full when using an insertable vibe. But since it’s totally straight, it’s not one I’d pick for when I want to do any real G-spot stimulation. I need a curved shaft for that sort of thing.

I remember liking Bliss 5 because it produces powerful and rumbly vibrations, yet it only takes 2 AA batteries. I was curious to find out if I would still consider it all that powerful, considering I’ve reviewed a LOT of vibrators of varying strength, powered by various sources, since I last used this one.

Quick answer: Yes.

It is surprisingly strong for a AA-powered vibe, especially considering its size and that silicone can sometimes tone down the vibration. But not on the Bliss 5. The vibrations carry well through the length of the shaft, and it took a while of running the motor at the highest speed of constant vibration before my hand went numb, so I think it performs very well as a general-purpose vibrator.

There are 3 speeds of constant vibration and 2 pulse settings, but while using it recently I noticed the 2 slower speeds started feeling more like flutters. Turns out, this was just an indication that the batteries were nearly flat. So, that’s useful to have as a warning. Much better than the motor all of a sudden just stopping while leading up to or during a crucial moment.

I also like the simple, single-button control. It’s clicky, but big, so it’s easy to find and press. I forgot that you had to hold the button down for a couple of seconds in order to turn the motor on–this is actually really handy if you store it with the batteries installed, which you’re not supposed to do, but nobody’s perfect–and I sat there clicking it repeatedly, thinking it was broken or had died of neglect. That would have been a much shorter post, but not as fun, so I’m glad I got it figured out.

My sex toy preferences and review style have evolved over the past few years, and it’s possible for me to no longer like a toy I was really into back when I reviewed it. That’s why I like to do these follow-ups; I think it’s interesting to see which sex toys stand the test of time. As for the Bliss 5, I’m thrilled that I still like it because I’ve recommended this vibe to several of my friends. It looks as though these vibes are getting hard to find, but amazon.com still has a few available, as well as other Ohporia offerings.

What I really want now is one of those Ophoria Beyond G-spot vibes.


  1. I love this blog! If only I could get a job doing this haha. Another great post, keep up the good (or shall we say “hard” ) work.

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