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Silicone miltifuntion vibrator with contoured shaft.I couldn’t let January get away without posting a Follow-Up Friday, especially since I didn’t do a What’s Inside Wednesday for this month, and I more than likely won’t have one of those ready for a while.

Since I still can’t get my plugin that’s supposed to tweet old posts for me to work, I will sometimes tweet old reviews from a year or two ago in a futile attempt to boost blog traffic. Granted, my method is more time consuming and not as as random, but this way I know I’m not being overly repetitive, and I have trouble making decisions at the best of time.

In order to do a follow-up for the Ellove, I’d have to find it first, though. I couldn’t even remember the last time I’d used it, much less where I stashed it afterwards.

Since the weather has been off-and-on crappy, I’m spending a good deal of time indoors. Being in the house a lot has forced me to notice how I’ve let things pile up and get cluttered. My sex toy storage area being the biggest mess of all prompted me to spend a cold and dreary morning reorganizing my sex toy collection. This unearthed quite a few toys I’d forgotten all about, including the elusive Ellove.

Well, having now revisited this vibe, I’m glad I received it for free to review and didn’t spend my money on it. For starters, it runs on batteries (size AAA), and I really do prefer rechargeable toys. Also, it’s listed as only being splashproof. I’ll admit that I wash it as if it was waterproof, but I’m not likely to take it in the shower with me.

I’m also not a fan of Ellove’s shape. It has plenty of girth, so I do get a nice feeling of fullness, and even though the the silicone isn’t squishy, it gives the shaft a lot of flexibility. But it just doesn’t suit me as well as vibes with more curve to their shafts. Also, the silicone has a lot of skin drag, so it’s a lint magnet and hard to keep clean.

But the vibrations are awesome and rather impressive for a motor running on 4 AAA batteries. Ellove has those strong, rumbly vibrations, and they travel well through the vibe. Almost too well, because there’s not much of a handle, and it doesn’t take long for my fingers to go numb.

Ellove is one of those Fun Factory vibes with an overdrive button. So while even if you’re topped out at full speed, this vibe still has that extra boost of power. Too bad the button is rather small and really firm, so it’s not’s the easiest thing to find an press when you need it.

So, back in the storage bin Ellove will go. I’ll stick with my Mona 2.

Comments and feedback welcome.