LoveHoney Booty Buddy Silicone Butt PlugThe Booty Buddy is a silicone butt plug Lovehoney sent me to review quite a while ago. You may recall its appearance in a Toy With Me Tuesday post last November, and I’m ashamed that it has taken me this long to finally get around to reviewing it.

If you’re at all new to anal play or using butt toys, please check out my Anal Talk page for more information about safety and some useful tips. Basically, anything that goes up your butt should have a flange or flared base, and it really needs to be made from a hygienic, nonporous material that can be properly sanitized. Oh, and don’t forget to have plenty of lube handy!

Booty Buddy Butt Plug PackagingBooty Buddy comes sealed in plastic wrap inside a simple box with a life-sized picture of the butt plug on the front. There’s product information and promotional blurbs printed on the sides of the box, as well as a wee slip of glossy paper with user instructions included inside, which is all pretty helpful if you’ve never used a butt plug before. Or even if you have, since it suggests a few different positions to try for easy insertion.

Booty Buddy and Mood Naughty Butt PlugsSize-wise, this plug is slightly longer and thicker than my Mood Naughty plug, but it’s a completely different shape and more similar in design to my Pure Plug. Don’t worry, it’s still small enough to not be intimidating if you’re new to anal play or prefer more modestly-sized plugs.

The smooth silicone has a bit of skin drag, but that’s not a problem once the plug is lubed up. There was a very slight scent when I first opened the packaging, and by that I mean I had to put my nose up against Booty Buddy and really take a deep whiff in order to detect it. I honestly think it was a lingering scent from the plastic wrap I was smelling, because it went away after I washed the plug. Oh, and for the record, I did flame test this silicone, and it passed with no problem.

Booty Buddy Butt Plug MeasurementsWith its curved shaft and bulbous tip, Booty Buddy is designed to either target the male prostate or provide indirect G-spot stimulation. Since I don’t have a prostate, I can only tell you how it works for the latter. And even then, I can’t really say how it works while worn during sex, because the flange is so long that it blocks the entrance to my vagina. Which, you know, makes it tricky to use during sex, or even with a dildo for that matter.

But I can say that the Booty Buddy slides in very easily, gives me a lovely sensation of fullness back there, and the flange is thin enough to fit nicely between my butt cheeks. This means I can wear this plug around the house and comfortably sit down with it in, which is a great way to build arousal and get ready for anal penetration.

Njoy Pure Plug and Booty BuddyUnfortunately, though, I don’t think I’ll be doing that very often because Booty Buddy just isn’t quite right for me. Both my Mood Naughty and Pure Plug do a better job of hitting the right spot for indirect G-spot stimulation. Their shafts also taper in girth towards the handles, which I think helps keep them in place.

But Booty Buddy is longer and a more consistent thickness, and in order to keep it from slipping back out, I have to insert it all the way. The curved tip then feels like it’s pressing too high up inside me. Not that it’s uncomfortable or anything, but it doesn’t suit me as well as my Mood Naughty or Pure Plug. Plus, I can wear those while I have sex or use an insertable sex toy.

Booty Buddy Bendy Butt PlugSo, in the process of reviewing this butt plug I’ve learned a little more about my body and the types of anal toys that work well for me. I now know that I like a thin flange so I can sit down while wearing it, a tapered shaft to help keep it in, and a shorter length.

Booty Buddy is still a high quality silicone butt plug, and I reckon it probably works better for prostate stimulation. If there are any guys out there who have tried it, please leave a comment and let us know how you like it.

Comments and feedback welcome.