Snow Bunny Bullet Vibrator PiecesWhen I first reviewed the Snow Bunny Bullet, I think I was way too generous in my assessment. This is probably because despite the flimsy battery pack (with a freaking wire, ugh), creepy-looking sleeve that’s a total skin-draggy lint magnet, and inexplicably stupid name, it did give me some good orgasms. But then, just about any vibe with somewhat strong vibrations will do that, as long as the vibrations aren’t too buzzy.

This is most definitely a “novelty” grade sex toy, though, and not something I would ever spend my own money (or EdenPoints) on because it’s not waterproof, rechargeable, cordless, silicone, or at all well made. It’s really just another bog-standard, cheap “silver bullet” with a tacky hot pink sleeve.

Inside the Snow Bunny Bullet Vibrator Battery PackI kinda hated that sleeve, to be honest. The flappy bits felt great, but there was so much surface drag that I kept having to re-lube, and then the texture on that TPR was a nightmare to clean. It just wasn’t worth all the hassle.

I don’t need to keep vibes like this. Frankly, I have little use for bullets now that I own much better sex toys. But they’re fun to tear up! And easy too, when they’re so flimsy it’s pathetic.

Snow Bunny Bullet Vibrator Outer CasingThe battery pack lid practically fell right off, and even though the tiny screws were pretty tight, I was able to get the pieces apart. The dial control was attached to one side of the battery case, and I couldn’t get it to come away, but I doubt there was anything of interest in there anyway. At least I was able to crack open the bullet casing and get the motor out.

I notice that there’s also a rabbit vibe called Snow Bunny. It’s the same manufacturer, as the consistency in bullet sleeve design would suggest.

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