G-spot contoured dildo made of ceramic.I’ve owned and enjoyed my Lovemoiselle Aveline ceramic dildo for well over a year, and I honestly meant post a review way before now. Especially since it’s been discontinued recently, but I’m going to tell you about it anyway. Maybe the company will re-relase it or come out with a revamped version.

One of the reasons this review has been such a long time coming is because I couldn’t write about my Aveline until I figured out why it was hollow. A plug covers the hole at the bottom, but I didn’t know if that was just to close off the gap or if it meant you could fill the dildo with water. I know, it’s not like this type of research takes any more effort than typing a few words into Google, but I have a habit of procrastinating.

Lovemoiselle Aveline Ceramic Dildo Sex Toy ReviewAs it turns out, you can’t fire closed hollow ceramics, so the hole is inevitable. As for filling it with water, which would add weight and easily change the temperature of the dildo, I don’t recommend it. The ceramic on the inside isn’t glazed like the outside, and this is such a pretty dildo I don’t want to risk damaging it or compromising the material.

Of course, me not dropping it at some point and shattering it into a million pieces is going to be hard enough to avoid. What was I thinking, buying something as breakable as a ceramic dildo, of all things?!

I actually had several reasons for wanting this:

  1. It’s pretty, and while I often make a point of noting that I don’t look at my sex toys while I’m using them, something about the blue flower appealed to me, and I wanted it in my collection.
  2. It’s curved and smooth, so I figured it would feel good inside me.
  3. I hadn’t yet tried any ceramic sex toys, and in the interest of being a well-rounded reviewer, I figured I should use a variety of body-safe materials. Wood is next on my list.

I bought Aveline before doing a boudoir photo shoot, since I wanted eye-catching toys for the pictures. I then started playing with it shortly afterwards. It’s the type of dildo I’d get out and use a few times and then put away, thinking that I needed to play with it some more before writing a review. Months would go by, and I’d see it listed in my queue, reminding me to get it out and have another few goes so I could get the review done, only to set it aside again for further testing.

Lovemoiselle Aveline Ceramic Dildo Sex Toy Review

This has happened several times now, so while Aveline is certainly unique and pretty, I’m fairly ambivalent about it as a sex toy. Getting motivated to write a review for a product that’s not a sponsored assignment (with a deadline) can be a challenge when I’m just not that excited about it.

Don’t get me wrong, Aveline is a seriously nice dildo and does a decent job of stimulating my G-spot. I like the shape as well as the fact that it’s very lightweight, so it’s functional as well as lovely, and I don’t have to worry about my wrist getting tired. The totally smooth surface glides nicely with just a small amount of lube, and it’s easy to clean.

The ceramic is firm so it can apply pressure to the G-spot, and somehow knowing that it’s hollow makes me more likely to thrust with this dildo. However, that also makes me use it cautiously, because it seems much more fragile than my solid glass dildos. Essentially, Aveline is a nice dildo to have, but it doesn’t do the job any better than my old standby.

Lovemoiselle Aveline Ceramic Dildo Sex Toy ReviewOh, and please allow me to rant about the silly storage pouch for a moment. I know, at least it came with a storage pouch, unlike a lot of glass toys, but the lack of any kind of padded lining makes me question its suitability for a dildo made from ceramic, or any breakable material.

Not to mention the fact that it’s barely long enough to accommodate Aveline, and mine arrived with the stitching already frayed, which soon turned into a ripped seam. The outer packaging consists of a windowed box with an insert made out of foam to cushion the dildo, and it’s a better place to keep it. Luckily though, I had a spare padded storage pouch for Aveline, so I ditched the flimsy thing it came with.

Classic dildo made from ceramic.Luxury ceramic vibrator with floral design.

Even though Aveline has been discontinued, there are still a couple of Lovemoiselle ceramic sex toys available. The Elodie has a straight shaft decorated with green flower, but I’d like to try the Cecile. It vibrates.

product picture
Dildo by Lovemoiselle
Material: Ceramic


  1. Wow, that is gorgeous! Too bad it was discontinued.

  2. Apparently Elodie and Cecile are now discontinued as well. Boo! I’ve always wanted to try a ceramic toy.

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