Pipedream Neon Luv Touch Slimline Classic Vibrator Sex Toy Review Pipedream Neon Luv Touch Slimline Classic Vibrator ReviewClassic-style vibrators are a sex toy staple. They’re versatile, effective, and easy to use. Most consist of a smooth, straight shaft, usually made from hard plastic or firm silicone, and they vary in length and girth. I recently received a Neon Luv Touch 10″ Vibe from Pipedream to review, and I now have new respect for slimline vibes.

Pipedream Neon Luv Touch Classic Vibrator Top of ShaftThe dimensions are pretty straightforward. As the name suggests, it’s 10 inches long, measures 1 inch in diameter, and is only around 3 1/4 inches in girth. Nearly the full length could be considered insertable, as the battery compartment cap only takes up around 3/4 of an inch.

The length of the Luv Touch Neon allows the user plenty of handle to reach the desired stimulation points. The vibrations travel down the shaft, but they can really be felt most strongly towards the top, which is great for more pinpoint clitoral stimulation. With such a slim girth, this is a great size for those new to using sex toys, or anyone looking for an non-intimidating insertable vibe.

Pipedream Neon Luv Touch 10" Vibrator Control DialSince it’s waterproof, it’s easy to clean with soap and water or toy cleaner. I store mine in its original packaging, which is just a thin plastic box. The shaft has a nicely rounded, tapered tip, a multi-speed motor, and plenty of power. There is a clicky dial on the battery compartment cap to turn the vibe on and control the intensity. There are no patterns or pulses, just powerful continuous vibration.

Now, I know it may not look like much other than a skinny vibrator, but let me just say that this one is very powerful, especially since it’s only powered by 2 AA batteries. I definitely underestimated how much I would like this toy.

Even at the slowest setting, the vibration is pretty intense, and it may be too much to start out with for some users, especially those who like a gentle rumble for warming up. At top speed the vibration is really potent, and there is some surface buzz, but I didn’t find it to be too much to handle. Plus, the really cool thing about this toy is its lovely smooth “Luv Touch” finish. Even though it’s made from hard plastic, it has an inviting, velvety-soft surface, which I totally love because it feels so awesome.

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  1. Mine won’t turn on. I put the batteries in. I turned it on but nothing. Didn’t work. So what do I do?

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