Dual-action stainless steel wand with graduated heads and curved shaft.I think metal sex toys are beautiful. They’re so elegant. And shiny! I also love them for their sturdy weight, versatility, slick-smooth feel, nonporous and ultra-hygienic surface, sleek designs, and durability. Oh, and since metal can be heated and chilled, it’s ideal material for temperature play.

I was impressed with my njoy Pure Plug and very soon realized that I needed to try one of the wands. It took me a while to decide between the Pure Wand and the Fun Wand. They’re both gorgeous and have fabulous reviews, and well, quite frankly, I suck at making decisions. I finally settled on the Fun Wand since it’s smaller, lighter, and has some cool bulges on one end. Plus, it’s less expensive. As much as I love luxury sex toys, I don’t like spending money.

The Fun Wand is stainless steel so it will last a very long time. Since it’s solid metal, there aren’t any vibrating motors to wear out or buttons to break. The wand measures around 7 1/2 inches long, about an inch in diameter at the widest bulge, and weighs close to 2 pounds. The S-shape features 2 different insertable ends. One side is smooth with a tapered head, and the other has a series of graduated bulges, similar in shape to the opposite tip, only smaller.

Both ends are safe for vaginal and anal insertion, just remember not to put anything in the vagina that has been used anally. Since it’s nonporous, sterilize it by boiling or wiping down with a 10% bleach solution if it’s going to be used for both anal and vaginal play or shared between partners. Otherwise, it’s very easy to clean with soap and water. The surface is nice and slick with quite a bit of glide, but if lube is needed feel free to use any kind as metal is compatible them all. Just be sure to wipe any lube off your hands since metal gets very slippery and can be hard to hold.

I love the posh njoy packaging. Inside a thin cardboard sleeve is a lovely black box with the company logo on top. Flip the hinged lid, and the Fun Wand rests in a molded insert covered with a satiny pink fabric. Tucked in the lid’s corner is a small, full-color booklet with care and use instructions, as well as pictures and information about other njoy products. The gorgeous box is ideal for gift-giving and great for storage, but it does take up quite a bit of space.

I actually don’t have that many non-vibrating sex toys, so I was eager to try something different. I knew I wanted a firm material with a curved shape for g-spot stimulation, and the Fun Wand definitely qualifies, but I wasn’t really sure how to play with it, so I spent some time just experimenting to see what felt good. I had a lot of fun using the bulges as kegel exercisers by squeezing my PC muscle around teach one and trying to see how long I could hold it.

Since they start small and don’t increase in size dramatically, they’re also ideal for beginners experimenting with anal play. While the bulges feel nice when inserted vaginally, I prefer the smooth side for thrusting and firm g-spot pressure. The tapered tip on the top bulge is more pointy than the rounded end on the wand’s other side, and while it’s not uncomfortable, it’s fairly noticeable when I move the wand around inside of me.

The ball on the smooth side is very effective for g-spot stimulation, especially for those who like a lot of pressure there. By moving the handle up and down, I could hit my g-spot with a rocking motion which felt awesome. I also enjoyed using it for gentle thrusting. I may one day work up to more vigorous play with my Fun Wand, but being a metal toy novice, I still prefer a softer material for fast thrusting.

So far, I only have two metal sex toys in my collection. But metal is quickly becoming one of my favorite materials. In addition to the numerous other advantages, I love that there is no drag. This means I hardly need any lube unless it’s going in my butt. I’m often impatient, and metal does take some time to warm to body temperature. However, if I’m not in the mood for something cold against me, it heats up quickly with warm water.

I’m really looking forward to playing with this toy more. It’s not my tool of choice for a quick climax. Rather, the Fun Wand is for those extended, experimental self-pleasuring sessions or adding an exciting new element to partner play.

product picture
$87.99Fun wand
Steel wand by Njoy
Material: Stainless steel


  1. That looks so very interesting. I have never tried any sex toy that looked like that. Do you think it's better than glass?

  2. Looks fun! Thanks for following me!

  3. @Lacy, I wouldn't say it's necessarily better. It has the same smoothness and slick feel, but it seems heavier to me. I guess one advantage metal has over glass is that it won't break if you drop it.

    @Momma of Three, you're welcome and thanks for stopping by. :)

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